Interactive Virtual Reality Storytelling

The Date is a 360° movie where the viewer is part of the story. The decisions that the viewer makes through nodding yes or no, affects the story.
Interactive movies/series have been made before, but not yet in VR. We wanted to tackle that challenge and made our own movie that is very immersive.

By letting the characters in the movie interact with the viewer it becomes very personal. The viewer is immediatly dragged into the story.
During the writing of the story we had to keep in mind the possibilities and restrictions of filming in 360°. We couldn’t work with any studiolights and audio was also going to be a pain. Even the cuts in a scene had to be hidden, so it wouldn’t break the spell of the experience.

The challenge was real but we succeeded really well. The movie is up for download. It’s only compatible with an Oculus Quest.

Assignment LUCA School of Arts


  • Inti Valderas Caro (Interaction Design, Editing, Story)
  • Lenn In’t Ven (Development, Story)
  • Beau Vankemenade (Development, Story)
  • Cederic Thirion (Editing, Story)
  • Research docs
  • Application/Movie